After Reading “A Tour of C++”

I had an interview coming up and needed to brush up my C++. So many things have changed in C++ since I have last used it professionally that I felt the need for a quickstart guide. ‘A Tour of C++’ by Bjarne Stroustrup was a perfect read for that purpose. The first time I was introduced to C++ was as an extension to C, with classes. It was always a bottom-up approach; learn C and then use C++ features as appropriate. Unlike Python, where everything is top-down. One does not need to have a deep understanding of language internals to use Python effectively.

This is the first book that I read that introduces C++ without hinting at C. The language features and styles are explained in a very nice way and one does not need any C knowledge to understand them. Anyone who is willing learn modern C++ can give this a shot.

Published at: 08/25/2021