After Reading "Snow"

I picked up this one from a discounted used book pile in a bookstore near Missoula while visiting Montana. I had previously read Istanbul by Orhan Pamuk. Even though I was not a great fan of his writing, the curiosity about Turkish society and culture made me give this book a chance.

The book starts with a lot of promise but then it slows down. Most of the things in that book happen within a span of a week and hence the author went through the trouble of describing everything with excruciating detail. The story revolves around an exiled poet who comes back to his childhood town and then gets himself caught-up in a military coup. The book successfully depicts the tensions that exist in small-town Turkish societies among various political and religious groups. I guess that was the only takeaway for me from the book. I did not really feel affection towards any of the characters as the plot thickened, which is very odd given it is a fiction. There were chapters that I had to slog through just to get to the other side. I am probably going to stay away from Orhan Pamuk for a while.

Published at: 08/25/2021