After Reading "U.S. History 101"

As the title suggests, it is a very cursory walk-through of the history of United States. The author Kathleen Sears starts the tale from the time when people crossed the land bridge between Asia and North America about 35000 years ago. Then she quickly moves to the time when the first European voyagers started to arrive. The book never slows down as we move forward. It picks up important events and persons that played key roles in shaping what United States has become today. One should not expect any in-depth analysis of any event in this book but the author does a fantastic job of helping to set the timeline correct. My takeaway from the book is that it is helping me to correctly lay down the chain of events that brings us to present day. From here on, I can use other books to take some deep dive on particular events. I might read this book one more time to make sure I got the timeline correct in my memory.

Published at: 02/15/2021