After Reading "The Glass Hotel"

In the last few years, I read very little fiction. I could not find something interesting enough to exchange with something from my non-fiction reading list. I heard about “The Glass Hotel” from Tyler Cowen’s podcast where he invited the author, Emily St. John Mandel. As soon as I finished the podcast, I decided to sneak this one into my reading list

The story revolves around a ponzi-scheme guy, his trophy wife and her brother. I felt very riveting as these characters invited me to their lives. I found the idea of working in a ship very romantic. Someday, I might try to be a passenger in one of those cargo ships.

Throughout the novel, all those characters had different goals and challenges and at any point, we could only look at a snapshot of those. It was hard not to judge them but then again, I had to remind myself that what do I know about their lives to judge them.

I had little sympathy for Alkaitis but I wished well for both Paul and Vincent. There were a few occasions, Vincent’s actions disappointed me but then again they were not wrong or immoral, just was not expected.

I heard Emily also wrote a book called “Station Eleven”, which talks about a post-pandemic world. Someday, I will try to read that one two.

Published at: 11/15/2020