Good bye, Mr. Nash.

I do not have proper words for this. I just read the news and having a feeling of deep sadness. John Nash and his wife Alicia Nash died on 24th in a car accident. He was returning from Norway after receiving the Abel prize. I feel sad, very sad. If only I could cry in my office to get over it. I first came to know about John from the movie "A beautiful mind". I was always inspired by his ingenuousness even though I did not know about much of his work until recently. I just finished reading Cedric Villani's "The Birth of a Theorem" where he talked about John's contribution in combining non-linear PDE and geometric analysis. Then I was just reading the SIAM newsletter last week where there was an article about him receiving the Abel prize along with Nirenberg. Then all of a sudden, this news comes as a shock to me. RIP, John and Alicia.

Published at: 05/26/2015