After a long hiatus

Finally writing a blog post after almost nine months. So many things happened between this time and I was always playing the catch-up game. Now that I finally found some time to catch a break, trying to write up what happened in between. 1. I finished my first year of grad school as a math student. I had a really grueling first semester. At some point I even decided to drop out. But as I knew from my last grad school experience, I tried just to hang in there. Finally the second semester was a easy one. I am looking forward for the Fall semester as I will be taking some excited classes then. 2. I got married!!! Yes...finally found someone who risked to marry me! Being married is weird, I can write hundred pages but I don't think I will be able to clearly express it. One thing is, a lot of things have changed and is going to change in coming days. I am still trying to adapt to the changes. One of the tough challenge is work-life-school balance. 3. Last night, Ishmam asked a me question about who will I choose as partner for a hypothetical dinner. I thought about it and could not really find any one really special right at that moment. Sure, there are a lot of people I would love to meet but none of them seemed interesting enough as a dinner partner. Then while brushing in the morning, I thought of Syed Muztaba Ali. He is definitely one of the interesting person that I would love to meet. 4. Just stretching the dream a bit further, looked at the Forbes 30 under 30 list for Science and Tech....I am nowhere near to make it to that list but it is always inspiring to see hard-working, passionate, sincere people.

Published at: 05/08/2015