Correcting a juvenile mistake

If you are past twenty, I bet you had some moments like this in your life; where you fall for the fancy shiny things even though there isn't any good stuffs in those. Since you are a kid at that time, you can easily ignore those mistakes.

For me, when I first ungraded from Windows 98 to Windows XP in fall of 2002, I fell for Windows Media Player 7. I was really fancy and much better than it's predecessor. Also it seemed like WinAmp was a redundancy in my system. And then it happened. I don't know why I did this but I started ripping my music in Microsoft's native wma format ditching mp3.

I carried along these wma files with me half way across the globe. But on last weekend, when I was copying music to my phone to play on new car stereo, I found that my android does not support wma natively. Then I said, "OK! This is it". I have to get rid of these shitty things. And I finally did with this simple shell script that I hacked from various internet sources. It recursively goes in the directories and looks for wma files. Once it finds them, it converts them to mp3 and deletes the original ones.

Published at: 09/17/2013