Cumulative Happiness

Years ago, someone told me about this equation:

Own Happiness + Other's Happiness = Own Less Happiness
Own Sadness  + Other's Sadness = Own Less Sadness

The point was happiness or sadness has no relative scale and our feelings get amplified or reduced based on what people around us feels and that follows the aforementioned moronic equation.

Well, not true! At least that's what I am feeling right now. I got my H1-B receipt earlier this week. I was happy and relieved that my luck with random number generator was good this time. At the same time, I was worried about one of my co-worker. He is just a work-friend but I was worried if he does not get it, it would not be fun at work. I  desperately wanted him to get one too. The next day, first thing I did was checking whether he got one or not. And finding out that he also got one, made me really happy.

One the same note, I am mentioning another incident, just to be honest with myself. In the first week of H1-B filing, I came across a very interesting blog. After farther digging about the author, I landed in his tweeter feeds. There, I came to knew that his employer was also planning to file H1-B for him. As soon as I learnt that, I started hating him as he appeared to be a competitor in the same lottery process

Published at: 04/25/2013