It's an irony how our priorities change.

Things that matter most to us today, persons those we desire most be be with, fades away from our mind tomorrow. Is this simply "familiarity" breeding "contempt" or some more complex arrangement inside our mind? The toys that I always wanted to have as a child, does not get a fraction of my attention anymore. The promises I made to old friends once, seems like I don't feel like keeping them anymore. Instead, I am making new promises to new friends.

It seems like there is nothing absolute in our priority list; at least in my list. And it's so sad. Because, I am running after something and then realizing this should not be my priority. And the worst case scenario is when I got the thing check off from my list and then realize that it should not have been in the list at the first place.

My priority list defines myself, defines my list. And this become a ever-changing vague list, then what is the meaning of the life I am leading?

I need to find answer to this or at least a better defined priority list. Time for soul-searching!

Published at: 12/20/2012