Free and Bad Advice

Till this point, I have asked for too many free and bad advice. Recently, I was thinking about how whole process of reaching out for free (and probably bad) advice works for me.

Turns out, it's pretty straight forward. Whenever, I am not sure about my success, I go and ask people. This is basically like a defense mechanism so that if I fail, I can implicitly blame others instead of accepting my failures. Shame on me!

This happened to me time and time again. Whenever, there was a critical moment that I had to stand up and face the challenge, I cowardly escaped the burden of decision making and let others decide it for me. No doubt, these cost me a lot.

But, the good part is, as now I understand the whole thing, I am taking a lot on myself. Even though, I am not sure about something, I am going and trying it out. Even though, I risk failure more than ever. I am learning to trust my gut feelings or at least, I do not regret of not pursuing things. It's not exactly that I am getting more confident about success but I am learning quickly from my failures!

Published at: 11/06/2012