Windows and me

Some relationships just hang on the cliff; you are unsure of holding it tight or letting it go. And if you are lucky, there happens a happy accident that decides for you. You feel greatly relieved.

And, that's what happened to me this morning. After two long years of dilemma about what to do with my Windows 7 installation, I accidentally deleted it in an attempt to restore it. I rarely used Windows. It was just sitting there with wasting space and serving as a breeding ground for viruses. I always wanted to get rid of it but I had to pay for it and that's why I was not to sure of the idea to delete it.

Earlier today, I was trying to  restore Windows just to get rid of some annoying viruses. Unfortunately, the restore command failed to serve what it promised but wiped my entire hard-disk. Many many thanks to Dropbox that I still own all my important files. Although I lost all the pictures that I took with my camera for the last two years, I think it actually clears the clutter that I developed over time. I am also thinking of getting a bigger cloud service like Dropbox for my pictures.

Published at: 08/24/2012