Note To Self: Leadership and Olympic


We are really struggling to find new people to take over School of Dynamic Systems Graduate Students Association at the University of Cincinnati. We do not have a very good clue why this is happening? This year we were awarded the best GSA of the year. Even after this, we failed to attract new people on board. My realization from this is we made a big mistake on creating new leaders. We were busy about just serving the community but failed to invest part of out time to cultivate new leaders. This is something that we need to watch for in future.

Olympics 2012:

I was watching the men's 100m final on last Sunday. And I feel lucky that I don't have to prove myself just only within that 10 seconds of time. It would have been a tough life then!

This is something I was also discussing with one of my roommate. She plays golf and she was saying that even though she spends a whole day in the course, the effective time that she actually takes shots is less than five minutes. So the margin of errors is so narrow. Once again, I feel lucky!

Published at: 08/07/2012