Which Car I Should buy

So I took a leap of faith and I survived. I got the offer letter from Siemens yesterday. And now I need a car to commute and I am facing a philosophical problem...which car I should buy?

I can buy a new one...my paycheck can definitely afford that. But that does not mean I should get that one! I called Rushaed to get some idea and he insisted to get a good one, asking the question of what will I do with my money if I don't spend?

But I don't want to live american dream...that's not what I wanted...I came to US mainly because I will get the chance to do what I like to do; it was very little about making money...I could have done that in Bangladesh, working with my dad.

I am a programmer...I wear cheap jeans with t-shirt and enjoy writing codes, doing maths. I do not think I will be happy with expensive cars! I should just go with a reliable one.

Published at: 05/10/2012