Mathematics: Invention vs Discovery

This week was awesome! I was in NFS BEM conference at Minneapolis, MN. I got the chance to meet the big names of BEM, specially my grand advisor Dr. Frank Rizzo and Dr. Subrata Mukherjee. My words will never be sufficient to describe the feelings that I had during the whole week.

Dr. Rizzo had a question for everyone. He wanted to know whether people invent mathematics or discover mathematics. My adviser added one more option, improving others' mathematics. Well, I am also going to add one more option, borrowing others' mathematics to solve my problems.

One of the main reasons for me to get more interested in mathematics at this point is the need of borrowing others' work. I am working on some projects, which are kind of low hanging fruits in terms of discovering/ inventing something new. But, in those I borrow other peoples idea and thats where I need to understand what exactly they are doing. A lot of time, the barrier is not understanding the language of mathematicians. Thats why, I am getting more and more in to math now a days!

Published at: 04/28/2012