31st December 2011

So its time to look back... this is becoming a good practice...I have been doing this for last four years...
One of my important goal was losing a few kilos and getting back to shape...I think I have done a fair job....although this December is trying to take everything away!

I wanted to visit home and so did I during the winter break!

I didn't had a coast to coast road trip but I drove to east coast with Rushaed..that was an awesome experience.

I haven't yet figured out whether I should do a PhD or start working....my interview with Cummins was nice but haven't heard anything from them yet...all of the PhD applications are submitted and now waiting to hear from the schools...

No luck with MANG!

Now whats for 2012? Umm..lets see

First of all, finish my MS as quickly as possible and start working/ PhD.

Second, MANG!!!

Third, keep working towards getting in shape

Four, working on the three UC projects that are currently under discussion

Five, learn a new language

Six, start a cooking blog

Seven, working on new business idea with Tareq

Eight, learn to play something

Published at: 12/31/2011