Another new year...another new wishlist

2010 was a terrific year except a few things that slipped out of hand badly.

Instead of losing, I gained a few, in fact I went over hundred for the first time. I missed Shagor and Shakila getting married (Bappi and I were longing for this for quite a long time, but none of us was there to celebrate). But except those, things went out pretty good. I ended up in a good school, got a job that I always dreamed about. At last, I learned how to cook and the learning curve is really steep. I got myself a new camera and found my mentor for sorod.

Now its 31st December and again its time to make some wishes for the coming year. And this time I want to keep things really simple. Just a few things that I really want to happen.

First of all, lose some kilo. I know I am saying this to me for a couple of years, but this time I am damn serious and want to give this a shot. UC has a great place for working out and they really charge me hundred bucks a quarter whether I use it or not. So, this time I am not letting my money drain in vain.

I want to visit home either in summer or winter break.

May be a coast to coast road-trip or Euro-trip!

It will be really nice if I can line-up a job by fall. I am still skeptical about spending few more years in school but I want to figure this out by middle of this year.

And Project MANG is sill on! Looking forward!

Published at: 12/31/2010