World AIDS Day 2010

The Pledge

My first encounter with the word "AIDS" was pretty long ago. I was then a 8 years old kid probably. I was watching a commercial on TV about AIDS. It was a song sung by a lot of celebrities from all sectors of Bangladesh. The song was really horrifying. The abstract was : If you have AIDS, then you are surely gone. For a kid like me, I didn't understand what AIDS was, but I could imagine what "surely gone" means; and to be honest, that image was for sure scary. But I was such a helpless kid that I could only feel pity for the guy with AIDS, imaging that he had to leave the beautiful world pretty soon.

Now, I am grown-up, but does the situation changed a lot? I am still that much helpless just to feel pity for the AIDS guy, nothing more. We are doing so many things around the world; from cutting edge computers to new series of WMDs, but yet nothing on the list for the AIDS patients. Still for a lot of people, HIV positive means "surely gone".

But I think we have what we need to change the situation. We may not have the treatment of HIV patients, but we have love. Lets give our love to them; stop staring at them with despise and stop saying that its their sins caused their suffering. Lets try to make some space for them in our mundane life or at least make their rest of the days a happy journey.

Let the love rule.
Stay Safe....its not fun out there...

Published at: 12/02/2010