TimeTravel !!!

What just happened today is quite unbelievable!

In these "No More BUET" days, I usually get up early from bed, at around 5 o'clock and then go for jogging. Today, after getting up from bed I looked at my cellphone and I saw it was 5.44 am and I was about 45 minutes late. I looked outside my window and it was still dark. I became confused. Usually by 5.44 am the dawn breaks! After the dawn breaks, it become quite tough to jog along the highway. So I rebuked myself for getting late and canceled today's jogging and tried to sleep. I woke up after 2 hours sleep and went to living room to watch the tv. Suddenly I looked at the clock and found it was 6.45 am !!! It was supposed to be something around 7.45 am !!!! Alas!! what happened!!

I ran quickly to my bedroom to see my cellphone clock. Don't get me wrong! I never tipple at night. It was 7.51 am in my cellphone clock. I checked other clocks of my house and found my cellphone was running an hour faster. I can clearly remember the cellphone clock showing the right time before going to bed.

Then what happened in the mean time? Did I went through something like time travel?? Or just my cellphone went through time travel?? Weird !
Published at: 03/29/2009