Friendship Day

Atlast I m writing again....time has become so precious(!) and i m busy to shave of every nanosecond possible and it results me not to write a single blog in two months.

Yesterday , we had a kind of busy day here at BUET. In the afternoon, I convinced tareq to go with me to IIUPE at Shilpokola Academi. It was a nice exibition; if u have time u can go and check it out till 9th august.

Shaggy, with his full gang came to meet me. Shakila, mishu, liza, kaju everyone was there. Its almost two years, but still dont know why mishu makes me go crazy !! Before turning myself into complete mad, I left them and joined buet buddies.

we went to dhanmondi, gossiping and watching chicks (!) , had our dinner at STAR and then went to rabindro sorobor.we just babbled around, life is so busy now that we allmost dont hav such time together. it was a good gather to shake off ur frastrated soul and start a new day. returned to hall at late night, ...............

Published at: 08/04/2008